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Empower Trust is a network of unique and diverse church and community academies dedicated to ensuring the provision of an outstanding education for every child within our family of schools. We champion a collaborative approach to school improvement and develop and promote innovative and dynamic approaches to learning, combining levels of expertise across our academies.


Our mission is to ensure that every child experiences a consistently high quality education – socially, morally and academically. We aim to ensure that all children become successful learners and develop into young people of whom the family, academy and community can be proud.


We aim to ensure that the curriculum offer provides exciting and motivational learning opportunities for all children within an inclusive, caring environment. Empower Trust academies aim to empower every member of the school community to play their part in developing exciting and imaginative child-centred learning experiences. All stakeholders have high aspirations for all children and nurture their ambitions for future success.


We ensure every child receives a high quality education by:

  • Enabling each child to become a happy, confident and enthusiastic learner, willing to take risks with their learning – to be the best they can be;
  • Guiding, supporting and inspiring every child to fulfil their potential, emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually, both during their time at school and in their life ahead; 
  • Providing an excellent academic and holistic education inclusive of access to sporting, cultural and artistic activities;
  • Fostering life skills, hard work, resilience and conscientious application of study skills;
  • Developing a culture of inclusion and diversity in which everyone – children, parents, staff, governors and members of the community – is welcomed and their opinions valued.

Empower Trust celebrates the fact that every school is different.  Each academy retains their unique ethos and character in order to meet the needs of its local community. Local Governing Bodies ensure local needs are prioritised. However, common features in all of our academies include:


  • A values-led approach to all aspects of school life, based on the Empower Trust Values;
  • An exciting and inspirational curriculum and extra-curricular activities to broaden opportunity and experience for all children;
  • A drive to inspire and motivate life-long learners;
  • A culture of mutual respect and teamwork – between children, parents and staff;
  • High standards and rates of progress;
  • An early and consistent focus on developing key literacy and numeracy skills;
  • A focus on developing healthy schools – including a focus on maintaining the mental health and well-being of children and adults;
  • A uniform code to nurture a sense of identity and responsibility and high expectations around personal appearance;
  • A Local Governing Body and a Headteacher exercising high levels of local autonomy within this framework; and
  • A commitment to excellence and a culture of no excuses.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find the information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact us direct with any queries you may have.

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