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Kerry Simmons - Head of School Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

Kerry has worked at Market Drayton Infant School for the last eighteen years and prior to this worked in a school in Stoke-on-Trent for four years. Kerry has progressed her career from class teacher to Deputy Head and now Head of School. Kerry has predominantly taught in Reception and Key Stage One working through many new initiatives and curriculum changes. She is dedicated to raising the awareness of the importance of mathematics in children’s lives and constantly promotes enthusiasm and enjoyment of the subject to adults and children alike. Striving to improve outcomes for all children, Kerry undertook the first round of the Maths Specialist Teacher (MaST) programme and has always been very keen to be involved in collaborative research projects believing that change can be a positive experience. Kerry has an in-depth working knowledge of the Key Stage One curriculum requirements and has supported the Shropshire  LA for the last three years with annual moderation exercises. Collaborative working has enabled her to experience working in a variety of schools, with a variety of schemes and support colleagues through her SLE role with the development of subject knowledge, curriculum delivery, pedagogy and assessment.


Market Drayton Infants was one of the first schools to have been trained in teaching Early Reading and Phonics. As a subsequent result in successful implementation of phonics in the school Kerry became a Lead Phonics teacher to help Shropshire develop teachers in other schools  to develop their subject knowledge. Phonics alongside mathematics is one of Kerry’s favourite subjects.


As part of the North Shropshire Teaching School  Alliance, Kerry coordinated an Early Years project. This involved organising and delivering training for all North Shropshire schools, child minders and private nursery providers, with a specific focus on raising the achievements for disadvantaged children in the area. As part of this leadership role, Kerry liaised with the DfE to show the impact of the project.


Market Drayton Infant School has the wellbeing of staff, children and families at the heart of its education and one of the most recent achievements of the school was to be awarded with Optimus Educations Wellbeing Award. As Mental Health is an area that Kerry is particularly interested in, she led the school to gain this award by implementing new initiatives and policies, educating all members of staff and families about mental health and wellbeing and collaborating with external agencies to gain maximum impact for children and their families. The outcomes of this work was presented to Shropshire Wellbeing Board in early 2020.


Outside of school, Kerry enjoys spending time with her family and is a keen Stoke City supporter.





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